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Danny Everett Stewart



Danny Everett Stewart

Danny Everett Stewart is an artist based in Victoria, British Columbia.


Drawing from a vibrant variety of colour and form, his pieces offer a window into feelings that cannot be expressed in words alone.


Danny focuses on the creation of works that foster a powerful connection to the visual elements of the world.


Through stunning, vibrant hues and evocative abstract compositions, Danny has the ability to capture moments of emotion and depth to provide an alternate view of our everyday lives


August, 2014: Emily Carr House, Victoria BC 

November, 2012: Private show

April, 2012:  Madrona Gallery

November, 2011:  Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Small Works Show

November 2011:  Coast Collective Gallery Victoria BC

February, 2011:  Madrona Gallery Victoria  BC

November, 2010 :  Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

February, 2011: "Beyond the Rain" Solo Show - Madrona Gallery Victoria  B.C. 

November, 2010: "Small Works Exhibition" Art Gallery of Greater Victoria 

November, 2010: "Christmas Show" Madrona Gallery

November, 2010: "Annual Victoria Art Walk" Madrona Gallery

November, 2010:  "Small Treasures" Coast Collective Gallery 

September, 2010:  "Emily Carr House presents Danny Everett Stewart.

September, 2010:  James Bay Art Walk

September, 2010: Opening Night at the Palladan, Victoria BC

June,  2010:  "Summer Small Works Show" Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

June,  2010:  "Art & Architecture" Sotheby's Victoria B.C.

April 2010:  "New Works" Private Showing

February, 2010: "Art of Allsorts" Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria B.C.

December,  2009: "Small Works Exhibition" Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

November, 2009:  "New Works by Danny Everett Stewart" Vintage Gallery

June, 2009: "Summer Small  Works Exhibition" Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

April, 2009: "New Works" Private Show

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